Trump Campaign’s Lotter: Minnesota, New Mexico in Play for 2020 — Dems Have No Idea ‘What Is About to Hit Them’

While much of the political world is focused on impeachment, President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign is setting up the framework to flip traditional blue states into the Republican Party’s column, according to the campaign’s director of strategic communications Marc Lotter.

During an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN that aired on Wednesday, Lotter said the campaign and the Republican National Committee were working on behalf of their 2020 efforts in Minnesota, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Nevada and even Oregon.

On the possibility of flipping Minnesota, a state that even former President Ronald Reagan was unable to flip in his 1984 reelection landslide, Lotter explained how the 2016 election showed that it was within the grasp of a GOP election pickup.

“I remember being in Minnesota the weekend before the ’16 election,” Lotter said on “The Jeff Poor Show.” “Many people thought it was a hail mary from us. Then the day after the election, when we only lost Minnesota by a percentage and half — it was that close. Ronald Reagan didn’t even win Minnesota. And yet, we came oh so close. We can get it done. I’ve been up there since then. Very strong, long-time Democrat areas are now turning Republican because of President Trump. They have Republican mayors. The folks up there in what is called the Iron Range — they know this is a president who is fighting for their jobs, whether they’re mining jobs, whether they’re shipping jobs, whether they’re agriculture jobs. And they just want to ship stuff to Canada. They know this is a president who is out there fighting for them and their jobs. And they’re going to vote for him, and I don’t think the Democratic Party has any idea on what is about to hit them.”

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