Fearing Losses in November, State Democrats Flip-Flop on Gas Taxes

As Republicans at the state level have, for years, led efforts to repeal the gas tax, Democrats have done the exact opposite and, in many cases, voted to increase the tax. State Democrats, seeing the writing on the wall for the midterms, are now looking to take credit for rolling back the gas tax and in some cases offering cash to drives as the price per gallon has skyrocketed across the country.

Gas prices are advertised at over five dollars a gallon Monday, Feb. 28, 2022, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Exclusive — Rich Stanek: Tim Walz ‘Does Not Care About Protecting Minnesotans’

Rich Stanek, a former sheriff, police officer, state legislator, and public safety commissioner, who is running as a Republican in the Minnesota gubernatorial race, told Breitbart News Saturday that “it has become increasingly clear that the current governor of Minnesota [Tim Walz] does not care about protecting Minnesotans,” while crime has risen in the state.

In this Jan. 26, 2021 file photo, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz takes off his University of Minnesota cloth face mask to answer a question from a reporter during a press conference in St. Paul, Minn. Gov. Walz is quarantining for 10 days after being exposed to a staff member who …