FNC’s Wallace to Pam Bondi: Does Trump Understand the Role of the Press?

On this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” anchor Chris Wallace asked White House adviser Pam Bondi if President Donald Trump understood a free and fair press covers both sides of the story.

Wallace said, “President Trump tweeted late yesterday that we, Fox News Sunday, should not even be doing an interview with James Comey or with Adam Schiff.”

He added, “My question, Pam, is does the president understand that it’s the duty of a free and fair press to cover both sides of the story?”

Bondi said, “Of course he does. I think he so tired of hearing all these lies and frankly. I’m going to disagree with the president right now because I’m glad you had James Comey on because you caught him in multiple misrepresentations.”

Last week, Wallace said, “I believe President Trump is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history.”

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