CNN’s Romans: ‘Solid’ Trump Economy an ‘Advantage’ for Trump Heading into 2020

Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” network chief business correspondent Christine Romans discussed the economy heading into the new year.

Romans touted President Donald Trump’s economy as “solid” and an “advantage” as he seeks reelection in 2020.

“The economy and the stock market have been recovering for a decade now,” Romans noted. “Since the dark days of the recession in 2009-2010, the S&P has risen 255%. So, it’s going right at a jobless rate at a 50-year low. The Fed cut interest rates three times. Borrowing costs remain super low. The trade war with China — it ends this year simmering not boiling. Recession fears from the summer evaporated. Manufacturing was hit hard by the trade uncertainty, but consumers are the backbone of the economy and they remain strong. Now, the Trump economy is solid — a lot like the Obama economy.”

She continued, “It’s an advantage for the president heading into the election. He won the White House on a message the Obama economy wasn’t working for everyone. It’s why Democrats running for president have zeroed in on wages, health care, student debt, fairness. They’re trying to chip away at that Trump advantage in the Trump economy.”

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