Al Sharpton: Trump’s ‘Bombast’ Is an Attempt to Cover Up His Ignorance

Al Sharpton said Friday on MSNBC that President Donald Trump loses his temper because he is covering up for his lack of knowledge.

The panel was discussing reports on Washington Post reporters Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig’s new book, A Very Stable Genius, which has an account of when former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson allegedly called President Donald Trump a “moron.”

Sharpton said, “I think you’ve got to always go back to who Donald Trump is as a person. Donald Trump always wanted to be in the circles of influence and was always rejected. Always seen as this outer-borough guy whose daddy had money. You know, with Roy Cohn—they were not considered respectable.”

He added, “I think a lot of the bombast including this encounter we just talked about is that he rejects getting into those kinds of conversations because he really does not understand the policy or the strategy that you’re talking about it. So rather than sit there and try and learn, he overrules everybody with bombast and with anger, so he doesn’t have to engage in the conversation, so you don’t know that he’s really not a moron, which Tillerson found out and assessed and said.”

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