Trump Jr.: If ‘Weaker’ Republicans Only Call for Dems’ Witnesses, ‘They Don’t Deserve to Be in Office’

Donald Trump Jr., son of President Donald Trump, said on this week’s broadcast of Fox News Sunday’s “Sunday Morning Futures” if “weaker” Senate Republicans only vote to hear from witnesses requested by Democrats in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, they did not “deserve to be in office.”

Trump said, “I’d like to hear from Hunter Biden. I would like to hear from Joe Biden.”

He continued, “If we’re hearing from all the witnesses I sort of want to hear it. Having watched this thing transpire over the last few years,  and nonsense perpetuates itself, I definitely want to hear from the other side. If Republicans, some of them, let’s call it weaker Republicans, I sort of like the Rand Paul model, make a vote on it. If some of those guys don’t want to hear from the witnesses we’d want to hear from but will hear from the others, I want to know about it, because they don’t deserve to be in office.”

He added, “It really depends. We have to play the game the way the Democrats have played the game. We have to play hard but fair. Hearing from everyone is totally fair. That is not what we’ve seen so far while the Democrats controlled the process it has not been fair in any way, shape or form.”

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