Biden: Trump Administration Likes Russia Interfering in U.S. Elections

Democratic presidential hopeful former Vice President Joe Biden accused the Trump administration of liking Russia interfering in U.S. elections Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

Biden said, “I’ve been saying this over three years. The president denies they’re involved. They’ve been involved. I was deeply involved in the intelligence apparatus before I left the vice president. The president continues to deny their involvement. The fact is everybody knows. When the president stands before the whole world and looks at Vladimir Putin and say why would he want to interfere in the election? Seventeen, the intelligence agents told him they did. This is bizarre. This is bizarre. This is continuing. What’s happened? Why in God’s name haven’t we hardened the electoral process, and provided hundreds of millions of dollars to hared the voter roles, make sure they can’t be attacked as a consequence of cyberattacks. Why haven’t we provided the capacity for them to be able to have the money to have paper ballots in addition. This is outrageous, and it’s going on.”

He continued, “This administration is incapable of learning lessons. They like this.”

He added, “They’ve known this for a long time, for three years. Every intelligence agent has told them they continue to be engaged in this activity. Every intelligence agent told me they were engaged before. There’s not a question anymore. There’s never been a question for the last three years. And what is he doing? Zero. What is the Republican leadership in the United States Senate and Congress doing? Zero.”

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