NBC’s Chuck Todd to Pence: It Feels Like GOP Is ‘Gaslighting’ America on Coronavirus

Host Chuck Todd pressed Vice President Mike Pence on conservatives rhetoric on the coronavirus during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Todd played a series of clips of conservative, including talk radio host Rush Limbaugh accusing Democrats of “weaponized” the virus, and Donald Trump Jr. saying Democrats “seemly hope” millions of people die.

Todd said, “None of this seems to match the facts. What facts are there that Democrats are doing this? It seems like people are asking questions, and they’re concerned about the virus. This, this implies some sort of political motivation, which is kind of gross.”

Pence said, “Well, I will tell you, there’s been a lot of irresponsible rhetoric among Democrats and commentators on the left.”

Todd interjected, “Who is this. Name some names, sir. Because it just feels like gaslighting. Please name some names. We are all big. We’re all big people here. Name some names.”

Pence said, “There was a column in The New York Times by a prominent liberal journalist that said we should rename it the Trump virus.”

Todd said, “Does that apply to all people. This does not help.”

Pence replied, “The president took decisive action to protect the American people, and when you see voices on our side pushing back on outrageous and irresponsible rhetoric on the other side, I think that’s important.”

Todd said, “Do you think this rhetoric from your side helps?”

Pence said, “I never begrudge people responding to unwarranted, unjustified attacks. But I promise you, we’re going to continue to focus on the mission the president’s given this task force and given this government. We’re going to bring the full resources of the federal government to bear. And the American people can be confident that we’re going to continue to work this issue. We’re going to work with leaders with both parties in Congress to make sure not only our federal agencies have all the resources they need but our state and local governments, health care providers, have the resources and the support to provide the care that every American would want. Remember, Chuck, this is about the lives of the American people.”

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