Blackburn: Next Coronavirus Bill Will Have Focus on Repealing Rules and Regulations

On Monday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) stated that the next coronavirus aid bill will have a focus on removing regulations and rules that have interfered with the coronavirus response.

Blackburn said, “I do think with a phase four bill you are going to see the focus go to regulation and rules that have gotten in the way as we have gone through this. What are rules that were relaxed? What are regulations that were relaxed that ought not to be on the books? You know, you can look at the FDA for vaccine trials and drug approvals, the anti-virals, and the vaccines for COVID-19 and the way they have expedited this process, some of the testing protocols. They have expedited the process. When you look at some of the due diligence around the SBA 7A with the banks, and they’re using existing due diligence instead of executing new due diligence, Hugh, those are things that are the right discussion to have. What can we get off the books? How can we use tax incentives to help these employers who are having to put new protocols in place to clean their workplace? Those are all things we ought to be doing.”

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