Whitmer on Biden Allegations: ‘Under These Circumstances’ with 70,000 Dead, We Need Joe 

Tuesday on NBC’s “Today,” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) dismissed the sexual assault allegations against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, saying “under these circumstances” due to the coronavirus pandemic Biden will be a good president.

Host Craig Melvin asked, “Your name, of course, continues to come upon this shortlist for Joe Biden. As you know, in the past week, the former vice president has been accused of sexual assault. He’s vehemently denied the allegation himself. You are a Biden supporter, one of his earlier backers. I know you are also a sexual assault survivor as well is there anything you want to add to the conversation, Governor Whitmer, that’s emerged over the past few days?”

Whitmer said, “I’ll just say you know I’ve read a lot about allegations. I’ve talked with Joe Biden. I am confident he is who he says he is. I do believe that women should be given space, and they should be listened to, but I also know it’s incumbent we vet thoroughly. In this moment, I think under these circumstances and the conversations that I’ve had with the vice president, I am confident he is who he says he is, and I believe him. I believe he’ll be a good president for the United States of America. Beyond that, you know, I don’t know there’s much more I can add. I simply know that we as a country should be very cognizant of the fact that 70,000 people—more than 70,000 people have died. We have lost the equivalent of a 9/11, and they anticipate that number daily between now and the end of the month. This is a crisis where 30 million people are unemployed in our country. Everything I’m doing is focused on saving lives in the state of Michigan. We need leaders are going to be focused on data and doing the right thing.”

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