Dem Rep. Ryan to McConnell on Coronavirus Stimulus Bill: ‘Take Out What You Don’t Like and Send It Back’

Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH) on Monday’s “Mornings with Maria” discussed the House last week passing the additional $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill, which includes items from the Democrats’ wish list that have nothing to do with dealing with the coronavirus.

Ryan acknowledged he does not agree with everything in the House’s bill, but emphasized the importance in its passage because the “vast majority” of the bill is to help first responders, teachers and small businesses. He advised Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to take up the bill, remove what he does not want and then send it back so the government can help those who need it.

“I’ve been in Congress 18 years, I’ve voted on a lot of bills for them that, you know, I don’t agree with everything in there, and I don’t agree with everything in this bill,” Ryan told host Maria Bartiromo. “But the vast majority of this is to help police, fire, nurses, teachers and small businesses. We extend that date out for the PPP, small business people, from eight weeks to 24 weeks. That’s essential for these small businesses. Our frontline workers who rely on state and local government, they’re going belly up, and we need to get some money to those state and local governments, not to bail out their pensions — I’m not for that — but to make sure they have enough money to get going.”

“Mitch McConnell, take this bill up, take out what you don’t like and send it back. It’s the legislative process,” he added.

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