Carlson: Black Lives Matter Movement Has Shown ‘Elections Change Nothing — Rioting, by Contrast, Makes You Rich and Powerful’

Monday for his show’s opening monologue, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson gave a scathing criticism of the Black Lives Matter Movement for the violent tactics it has used to rise to power and questioned many Republicans for their unwillingness to stand up to oppose those tactics.

According to Carlson, Black Lives Matter now functions as a political party given its goals of remaking America and designs on controlling it.

“The media, in their relentlessly fawning coverage, usually describe Black Lives Matter as an activist group or protest movement,” he said. “But that’s deception by understatement. Black Lives Matter is not a collection of marchers with signs. It’s not a conventional political lobby like Planned Parenthood or the NRA. It’s not pressuring Congress to pass some new set of narrow laws. Black Lives Matter is far more ambitious than that. It is working to remake the country and then to control it. It’s a political party. As of tonight, Black Lives Matter may be the single most powerful party in the United States. Nobody says that out loud, but politicians understand it perfectly well. If nothing else, they understand power. They can smell it at great distances. And that is why they are lining up to bow before Black Lives Matter.”

Carlson noted how Black Lives Matter also enjoys immunity from criticism and has been able to revise the nation’s moral framework by deeming contradictory statements to the movement’s mission as “hate speech.”

“It’s all pretty strange when you think about it,” Carlson explained. “If the leaders of Black Lives Matter are political actors, and they are — then by definition, you are allowed to have any opinion you want to have about them. Black Lives Matter wants to run the country. Therefore you can freely criticize Black Lives Matter. Those are the rules of our system but not anymore. Imagine a world where you are punished for questioning the behavior of the president or for insulting your local mayor. You probably can’t imagine that. It’s too bizarre. It’s un-American. But that’s where we are right now. Black Lives Matter has changed the rules, and this is the first new rule: No criticizing Black Lives Matter.”

“Black Lives Matter now enjoys almost complete immunity from criticism,” he added. “This is unprecedented for an American political movement. But Black Lives Matter is more powerful than that. It has singlehandedly revised our moral framework. Yes, black lives do matter. That is a statement of fact, and no decent person doubts that it is true because it is. And it is true precisely because every life matters. We’re all human beings, every one of us. We have souls. Skin color is irrelevant to moral values. Until recently, this was considered obvious. Saying it was regarded as a virtue. All lives matter equally. All of us were created by God. In the end, all of us will die. Nothing can change that — not wealth, not fame, not race. Every life is precisely as valuable as every other life. By the way, that idea forms the basis of the Christian faith. It is the entire premise behind our founding documents. And suddenly, thanks to Black Lives Matter, you can no longer say it out loud. Affirming the fundamental equality of all people is now considered hate speech. You can be fired for saying it. Again, many people have been. This is a dangerous moment.”

Later in the segment, Carlson explained where the movement derives its power, which seems to be in many situations, force.

“Black Lives Matter believes in force,” Carlson said. “They flood the streets with angry young people who break things, and they hurt anyone who gets in the way. When they want something, they take it. Make them mad, and they will set your business on fire. Annoy them, and they will occupy your downtown and declare a brand-new country. You’re not going to do anything about it. They know that for certain. This is the most destructive kind of politics.”

Carlson cited right-leaning judges on the Supreme Court, including Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who may have fallen victim to these tactics. According to Carlson, that is reflected in his and Chief Justice John Roberts’ recent decisions.

“So, what message do the rest of us take from what’s happened over the last three weeks?” Carlson said. “It’s very simple — force is more effective than voting. Elections change nothing. Rioting, by contrast, makes you rich and powerful. When you riot, prosecutors will ignore the law on your behalf. Corporations will send you millions. Politicians will kneel down before you. It works. Violence works. That is the message. Everyone hears that message. Until violence stops working, violence will continue.”

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