Navarro: Another Lockdown ‘Is Going to Kill More People’ with Alcoholism, Depression, Economic Fallout

Friday on MSNBC, National Trade Council adviser Peter Navarro said if the United States were to close down again because of the current spike in coronavirus cases, more people would die as a result of alcoholism, depression and economic fallout.

Navarro said, “Let’s talk about Dr. Fauci as to why he shouldn’t be viewed as the oracle on this. On January 28, I penned a memo that warned of global pandemic from the virus that killed possibly millions — exactly the same time the president of the United States pulled down all the Chinese flights. You know who was fighting me was Dr. Anthony Fauci. And in that very same time period, even to a month later, Fauci was telling people that there was nothing to worry about in America.”

“You played these clips right on the television,” he continued. “You know, Dr. Birx, she’s my heroine. She’s tackled this with really good people in government. But our disagreements, the disagreement we’re having right now is how fast we can open the economy and what we learned from initial lockdown is that is going to kill more people locking them down through alcoholism, depression and the kind of economic fallout that we get than opening up.”

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