Whitmer: Trump’s Derisive Remarks Aimed at ‘Politicizing Public Health When Lives Are on the Line’

Tuesday, during a speech on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) said President Donald Trump’s Rose Garden speech was “aimed at politicizing public health when lives are on the line.”

After a clip of Trump’s Rose Garden remarks, Cooper said, “There was a time listening to the president today this is the monologue like he’s the guy in the bar who just rambles to anybody who listens to the same story over and over and over again. We heard that so many times about governors or other people. I don’t know if you listened to the president today because you’re busy, and he spoke for a long time and didn’t say anything of particular import. What do you make of what you heard from him today?”

Whitmer said, “I didn’t listen to the speech, but I’ll say this, you know we’ve got incredible challenges in this nation. We need to be banding together. Yet we have inconsistent at best, derisive remarks from the White House. Things that are aimed at politicizing public health when lives are on the line.”

She added, “We’re seeing record numbers every single day coming out of states with regard to COVID-19 cases and, you know, the acknowledgment so many lives have been lost and the pain, the economic pain we’re feeling in this country. You know, it is really important that anyone with the leadership position is speaking to how we’re going to get through this, is encouraging people to wear masks, is focussing on can we get our kids faithfully back into the schools. It’s troubling and disturbing to hear remarks like that when we have so much work to do right now when it comes to this virus.”

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