Gaetz: Biden’s Effort in Politics ‘Looks Less Like a Presidential Campaign and More Like Elder Abuse’

During a segment on Fox News Channel’s “The Next Revolution” on Sunday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) discussed former Vice President Joe Biden’s struggles as a presidential candidate as of late.

Fox News Channel host Steve Hilton and Gaetz focused on how the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee was handling questions about his mental acuity, and Biden calling an interviewer a “junkie” when confronted about the issue.

“First of all — OK, Boomer, nobody says’ junkie’ anymore when someone suffers from, you know substance abuse issues, we try to extend the hand of grace,” Gaetz said. “I would think Joe Biden might know that given his own family history. But Biden is substantively making the argument that there’s no factual predicate to question his mental capability, and in every American family, we see this dynamic where somebody loses contact, they become a little slower on the uptake, and it would be funnier if America weren’t facing such serious challenges.”

“We’ve got to beat this virus,” he continued. “We’ve got to confront China. We’ve got to get our economy moving again. Joe Biden’s effort in politics here looks less like a presidential campaign and more like elder abuse.”

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