Trump Adviser Schlapp: ‘Crazy’ to Claim Biden Can Make Good Decisions When He Opposed Bin Laden Raid

During an interview on the Fox News Channel’s coverage of the 2020 Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, Trump Campaign Senior Adviser Mercedes Schlapp stated that it’s “crazy” for Democrats to claim 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden can make good decisions in the Situation Room “Because it was in the Situation Room where he was wrong on Osama bin Laden.” Schlapp also cited former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ criticisms of Biden on foreign policy.

Schlapp said, [relevant remarks begin around 5:30] “[W]e have the Biden record, I mean, the mere fact that they said that he can go into the Situation Room and make good decisions is just crazy. Because it was in the Situation Room where he was wrong on Osama bin Laden. He’s made these decisions time and time again, where he was in favor of the Iranian nuclear deal, which, of course, was supporting a country that supports terrorism. And so, it has been one bad policy decision after another. I always remember the red line in Syria, where they didn’t act, and then the Syrian Civil War only got worse. So, this is what needs to be exposed, it’s what Robert Gates said that basically, Joe Biden cannot be trusted with any of our foreign policy decisions. He’s made bad decisions time and time again. And to bring out Secretary John Kerry to even try to half defend him, they obviously didn’t tell the whole story to the American people.”

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