MSNBC’s Reid: Trump’s ‘Repugnant’ Castro-Like Speech Displayed ‘Decrepit, Corrupt Monarch’

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid criticized President Donald Trump’s speech on the fourth night of the Republican National Convention.

Reid said, “All I have to say is as I’m watching this, I’m thinking Fidel Castro, Julius Caesar. That was not an American president giving an acceptance speech. That was a monarch. It was very much like what Castro used to do, an hour and ten minutes that clocked in. It wasn’t a usual Trump speech with his ad-libs, and he does the sort of humor thrown into it. He said the fact is I’m here, and they’re not. He made the White House into the Trump palace.”

She added, “If democracy in America ever falls and we become a complete autocracy with a decrepit leader and his corrupt family moving their trunks into the White House and never leaving if we become the old DRC you know, or we become what Brazil is now, if we just fall as a democracy, tonight is what it will look like. This is what it will look like to have a decrepit, corrupt monarch. This was a crime. Every cabinet member that was sitting there was violating the Hatch Act. Ivanka Trump was violating the Hatch Act. This was repugnant to see a campaign sign festooned on our property, on the White House, with a big iron gate outside so that the people can’t even come in. This was repugnant. This would be the end of America. If this is what we’re going to be, this won’t be a democracy. That’s a monarchy. It was repugnant.”

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