Karen Finney: ‘Donald Trump Is Just Full of Chaos and Anger and Bile’

Democratic political consultant Karen Finney said President Donald Trump is “just full of chaos and anger and bile,” on Sunday broadcast of ABC’s “This Week.”

Finney said, “Donald Trump is trying to make this about who wants to stop violence. Black people want to stop violence. We have been living in violence since the beginning of this country. He’s trying to make this about anarchy in the streets, but he’s the president. He’s trying to blame Joe Biden when he is the president. Why should Joe Biden be responsible for Trump’s failures?”

She continued, “All of this is a distraction from the complete incompetence, frankly, of Donald Trump as more than 180,000 Americans are dead from coronavirus, and we’re learning very troubling things about the idea of the CDC suggesting that we test less and so we will get less results, so we’ll know less what’s going on. That’s really what Democrats have to do, and what Biden has to do. Don’t let Donald Trump take us off focus on what this election is really about, his incompetence, the danger that he himself creates. Him going to Kenosha, Wisconsin is like driving a mack truck full of gas into a fire. That contrast of that imagery to anything Joe Biden does is going to remind Americans that Joe Biden is a good, decent human being with a real plan to quell the violence in our streets, to do real policing reform, to move our country forward, and Donald Trump is just full of chaos and anger and bile. That’s what we’re seeing in the outcome of these two conventions moving forward.”

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