GOP Rep. Buck: Unrest ‘Absolutely Backfiring’ on Democrats in Swing-State Colorado — ‘Gun Sales Are Up’

During an interview with Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto on Monday, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) argued the protests, which in some cases have led to violence and damage to public and private property, were having an impact on the election politics of Colorado.

Buck argued the protesters were leaving the impression that they were supporting “anarchy,” which was not helping Democrats’ political cause.

“I think they are supporting anarchy because they want to show that — or they hope to show that the president cannot govern,” he said. “And I think they’re absolutely ending up with the exact opposite. It is the big city mayors that are unable to govern.”

“The president has acted in a responsible and measured way to deal with this violence, but the folks that are funding this, I think, are going to wake up on November 4, and sadly, realize — sadly for them — realize that these efforts have backfired,” Buck continued. “Americans are sick and tired of this violence.”

The Colorado Republican said the aim was to hurt President Donald Trump, but that was “backfiring.”

“I absolutely believe they have a political agenda that’s hurting the president,” Buck said. “I have just finished traveling the state of Colorado to help various Republican candidates. And I can tell you, it is absolutely backfiring. Gun sales are up. And the sales for new gun buyers, first-time gun buyers are up significantly. The folks are concerned about sending their kids to school. They’re concerned about people traveling into the cities for work. I think there is a very serious risk of backlash here.”

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