FNC’s Judith Miller: ‘Not in Donald Trump’s Place to Talk About Nancy Pelosi’s Hair or Her Hypocrisy’

Fox News contributor Judith Miller on Friday reacted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visiting a salon to get her hair cut without a mask, seemingly a violation of the state’s coronavirus shutdown orders.

Since the video of Pelosi’s salon visit was released this week, President Donald Trump and others have criticized Pelosi for appearing hypocritical as California remains shut down.

Miller agreed on FNC’s “America’s Newsroom” with Pelosi that the House speaker was “set up” but said she “clearly made a mistake.” Still, Miller said that “it is not in Donald Trump’s place” to talk about Pelosi’s hair or her hypocrisy.

“Look, Nancy Pelosi clearly made a mistake because Nancy Pelosi has enough money so that she can have the stylist come to her own house,” Miller outlined. “This issue of where to get your hair cut and colored … is very, very important to women all over America, but it is not World War III, and it is not in Donald Trump’s place … talk about Nancy Pelosi’s hair or her hypocrisy — especially when it seems to me that it is not exactly the most important thing going on in the world. How about the allegations that Donald Trump called those who died in World War I losers and wouldn’t go because he was worried about his hair?”

Host Sandra Smith asked Miller about downplaying the importance of the issue.

“I just question whether or not with unemployment at 10 percent and a debate about whether or not we should be shutting down and opening up salons and other places of businesses that this is the way to discuss that,” Miller replied.

She added, “I just think that this is not the most important issue facing the country and it is not the way to have this debate.”

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