ABC’s Jon Karl Declares Biden Had His ‘Best Debate’ in 2020 — ‘Feistier and Focused’

ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl said former Vice President Joe Biden won Thursday’s presidential debate.

Karl said, “Well, look, George, this was a much better debate, and kudos to Kristen Welker, the moderator here. And certainly, the Trump camp, Republicans generally who have heard from over the course of the debate, were relieved that Donald Trump was much more disciplined. He wasn’t doing all the interruptions. He actually had a theme at times. The theme that Joe Biden is a politician, when Biden would come up with something, why didn’t you do it when you were in power, 47 years, why didn’t you do it. So, much more disciplined.”

He continued, “But George, your question, did it do enough to change the race? I don’t think so. And one factor here is that Joe Biden had, I believe, the best debate that he has had in 2020. Joe Biden went on the offense. Joe Biden had Donald Trump on the defensive repeatedly. Even when it got into Hunter Biden. Joe Biden turned it around and put Donald Trump on the defensive about his taxes. I released my taxes. Why haven’t you released your taxes? How much did you pay in taxes? What about your bank account in China? It was a much feistier and focused Joe Biden, as well.”

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