MSNBC Legal Analyst Guy Charles: Saying Election Ends Election Day ‘a Specious Argument’ — ‘Not a Strong, Legal Argument’

As some states say they will need additional time to count votes for this year’s presidential election, MSNBC legal analyst Guy Charles on Monday criticized President Donald Trump’s argument that the election should end on Election Day.

MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist noted that mail-in vote counts could take a while to count and asked Charles how it would play out if the count took multiple days or even a week.

Charles called the argument from Trump that election results should be known on Election Day “specious,” adding it is “not a strong, legal argument” that “has no basis in facts.”

“This could play out for a long time,” Charles predicted.

“So, the first thing again, the argument that the election ends on Election Day is a specious argument. It’s not a strong, legal argument. It, again, has no basis in facts,” he outlined. “So, one of the things that we’re worried about are seeing the types of manufactured legal arguments that are meant to drag out the process. So, it is possible that, you know, you have the absentee ballot questions. You have the signature matching questions, so there are legal issues that could — if the election comes down to the state like Florida or to Pennsylvania or North Carolina — that could drag out the process for a week or two, depending upon how close it is and what the legal questions are. But we also have to recognize when there’s no legal basis, and some of the arguments that we’re seeing manufactured, invented, as a way of rigging the outcome and we have to call those out.”

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