PBS’s Woodruff: Dems ‘Concerned’ About Biden ‘Not Showing as Much Energy as President Trump’

PBS “NewsHour” anchor Judy Woodruff on Monday asked Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s senior advisor Symone Sanders about the lack of energy from the Biden campaign.

Woodruff told Sanders she hears from Democrats who say they are “concerned” that Biden is “not showing as much energy” as President Donald Trump.

“I hear even Democrats saying they are concerned,” Woodruff stated. “When they look at President Trump’s travel itinerary, he’s hitting five, six states a day on many days, and they look, and they see Joe Biden’s schedule, he’s not going to as many places, not having as many rallies, they worry he’s not showing as much energy as President Trump.”

Sanders pushed back against a lack of enthusiasm, saying the Biden campaign is being “safe” while the Trump campaign is “irresponsible and dangerous.”

“I know that the president would like folks to believe just because he touches down in the city and holds a rally with a couple of hundred folks, that is indicative some type of, you know, super strategy. And I am here to say, Judy, that, again, coronavirus is still very real. That is a thing that folks are dealing with all across this country, and we are confident in our strategy,” Sanders replied.

“Our strategy has worked, Judy,” she added. “We are talking directly to the American people, and we look forward to continuing to do that through tomorrow.”

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