Durbin: Trump Defense Was ‘Cartoon-Like Presentation with the Word Fight’

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) called former President Donald Trump’s defense in his second impeachment trial a “cartoon-like presentation” Friday during MSNBC’s coverage during a break in the proceedings.

Anchor Brian Williams said, “I will say, Senator, any video featuring Madonna and Johnny Depp does the job in that it is a giant distraction. I think it will be relatively easy to forget that what we’re talking about is the looting and sacking and desecration of the building you’re sitting in right now.”

Durbin said, “That is the bottom line here. For example, it was reaching an almost cartoon-like presentation with the word fight. Of course, everybody uses it. They tell the high school football team to get out and fight. Nobody even envisions looting, vandalism, and violence as part of it. It is hard to imagine as you look at that crowd and look at what they’re armed with, that the president was sending them up to cheer and to be prepared to get involved in primary elections. I don’t think so. I think that defies logic.”

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