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Report: NBC News President Attended Event with Weinstein Before Network Spiked Story

Looks as though I might owe NBC News an apology. Last week I accused the network of spiking Ronan Farrow’s bombshell Harvey Weinstein story in order to protect a high-powered, leftwing Democrat. You cannot blame me. That is what NBC does. Well, now it looks as though NBC’s motives might even be worse. Apparently, the just-appointed president of NBC News, Noah Oppenheim, is an ambitious screenwriter who recently attended an event with Weinstein.

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Fake Newsman Brian Williams Slams Fake News

Fake journalist Brian Williams, who was suspended from the NBC Nightly News anchor slot for reporting fake news and lost the job altogether — and is now relegated to an MSNBC position — slammed fake news on MSNBC on Thursday.


12 Fake News Stories from the Mainstream Media

With all of the politically-charged talk about banning “fake news” sites, it seems appropriate to review some of the worst fake news stories pushed by mainstream media outlets. No matter how large your family gathering is this Thanksgiving, you won’t be chowing down on a turkey as big as these phony stories from A-list television shows and publications.


Carville: ‘Of Course There Is Going to Be Some Fraud’

Late Wednesday following the third and final presidential debate, long-time Clinton confidant and Democratic strategist James Carville reacted to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Trump allies suggesting there is the possibility that this election could be “rigged.” Carville speculated


Brian Williams on Trump: ‘Maybe We’re the Delusional Ones’

Sunday following the second presidential debate on MSNBC, anchor Brian Williams responded to remarks from GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, who was speculating on how that debate might impact vice-presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN). According to Schmidt, not thinking Pence

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Brian Williams: America Bombed Japan ‘in Anger’

Friday on MSNBC, anchor Brian Williams remembered the bombing of Japan as the United States bombing “in anger.” “If people have found the U.S. to be preachy in the years since Hiroshima and Nagasaki about the use of weapons because

PASADENA, CA - JUNE 01: Singer Prince performs onstage during the 2007 NCLR ALMA Awards held at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on June 1, 2007 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NCLR)

Aretha Franklin: Was It The Zika Virus That Killed Prince?

Soul music icon Aretha Franklin weighed in on the death of fellow icon Prince in a phone-in appearance on MSNBC Thursday, just hours after the beloved pop star was found dead at the age of 57 at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota.


Brian Williams: ‘Republicans Own the Excitement’ of the 2016 Race

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams argued that “Republicans own the excitement of this race” during MSNBC’s coverage of the South Carolina GOP primary. Williams said, “[W]hile the Democrats have their own gender gap and age gap, I think there is an

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Snap! Lester Holt Reveals NBC Rejection Letter

NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt was once rejected from NBC before going on to become the face of the network. Now, he has donated that letter to the California Museum in Sacramento.

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Left Mourns as Top Weapon Jon Stewart Leaves ‘The Daily Show’

On Thursday night, Comedy Central mainstay Jon Stewart will sign off of his program, The Daily Show, for the last time. Stewart, 52, has been the key face for the entire network for 16 years; his replacement, Trevor Noah, will not come close to replacing his idolized status.


Professionalism Wins: Lester Holt Lifts NBC News to 10 Year High

Although we wouldn’t discover until years later that Brian Williams was lying most of the time, much of the talk around the success Williams had as anchor of the “NBC Nightly News” centered on his secondary role on late night


Chuck Todd: MSNBC ‘Needs’ Brian Williams

NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd said that MSNBC “needs” someone like Brian Williams who can “deftly handle covering a live event” on Friday’s “Michael Smerconish Show” on SiriusXM’s Channel 124. Todd stated said he was “proud” of the


Maddow on Brian Williams to MSNBC: ‘I Am Really Happy’

On her Thursday broadcast, Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” indicated she was happy with the decision by NBC executives to assign embattled former “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams to MSNBC to handle its breaking news desk.