Behar: Rush Limbaugh Spewed Hatred, Prejudices, Lies ‘for the Almighty Dollar’

Joy Behar told her co-host Thursday on ABC’s “The View” that late conservatives talker Rush Limbaugh was “not authentic” and spewed prejudices and lies only for “the almighty dollar.”

Discussing Limbaugh’s legacy, Behar said, “It’s interesting. I worked with him. I’ve interviewed Ann Coulter many times. Jeanine Pirro was on ‘The View.’ Trump has been on ‘The View.’ These people, you know, these people, you know, have gone through some kind of metamorphosis of weirdness over the years. Jeanine Pirro used to come on the show. She was actually fun. Ann Coulter, I consider her a comedienne. I don’t even consider her a pundit. And we all know what Trump was like before. He was a Democrat. So what happened to them?”

She continued, “The answer is money. Money is what happened to them. They have been thrown at — so much money at them at Fox, for example, and at various places, that they could not resist the money. So they go on the air, and they spew their hatred, their prejudices, their lies, as did Rush Limbaugh for the almighty dollar. And they fool Americans into believing that they are authentic. They are not authentic. I know these people. They are not real.”

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