Cruz: Astonishing Biden Admin Is Blocking Media from Seeing ‘Self-Created’ Border Crisis

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Wednesday blasted President Joe Biden and his administration’s handling of the crisis at the United States’ southern border.

Cruz, on Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus called into question the administration’s decision to prevent media outlets from attending his upcoming visit to the border with a group of his colleagues, calling it astonishing. According to Cruz, the Biden administration does not want everyone to see their “self-created” border crisis.

“[I]t’s a crisis that is unfolding. It’s getting worse and worse every day,” Cruz told host Harris Faulkner. “It is the direct result of political decisions made by the Biden administration. As soon as Joe Biden was sworn in, he halted construction on the border wall, he reinstituted the failed policy of catch and release, so they’re releasing illegal immigrants who are detained now, and they’re doing that in many cases without COVID testing them, and he repealed the Remain in Mexico policy which was a tremendous foreign policy and immigration victory that the Trump administration had negotiated with Mexico. Joe Biden tore that apart. And the result is we’re seeing a crisis. Last month, over 100,000 illegal aliens were detained at the border. And it is getting worse.”

He continued, “We’re seeing more and more kids, unaccompanied kids, young children, kids in cages — as the media told us for four years relentlessly during Donald Trump. Well, there are a lot more kids in cages right now. And the Biden administration doesn’t want anyone to know this. And so on Friday, I’m taking 17 senators down to the border to meet with Border Patrol, to see the detention facilities, to visit with law enforcement, to hear the concerns on the border in Texas. I’ve spent a lot of time down there, and, astonishingly, the Biden administration is refusing to allow any media to accompany us. We had requests —  Fox News wanted to come with us, ABC News wanted to come with us. … And the Biden administration’s argument — it’s really quite absurd — is that apparently, the media — you guys are too much of a risk of COVID. That’s their stated justification, never mind that they are packing thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants in packed facilities. It is reporters and cameramen that pose the COVID threat. And Harris, that’s obviously absurd. I can tell you I’ve taken border trips, I’ve been to those facilities many times in the Obama administration and the Trump administration, and they’ve always let media in. It is only the Biden administration that is engaged in this blackout.”

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