Rand Paul: Coca-Cola Wants People to Feel Like Race Is ‘a Predominant Thing’ — ‘If You’re White, You’re Somehow Guilty or Evil’

Friday on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) attacked Coca-Cola for its response to an effort by the Georgia General Assembly to shore up its election integrity in the wake of the 2020 presidential election.

Paul said there were stark differences in what was being alleged by Democrats and what the legislation in Georgia does.

“There is a difference between in-person and by mail,” he said. “By mail should be the exception to the rule, and only for those who can’t show up in person, because it’s much easier to verify who someone is if they show up in person. There’s nothing Jim Crow about this. In fact, what is very insulting and really just gets to me is they’re implying that people of certain races are not able to comply with rules, show up, or have a driver’s license or figure this out. And I think that’s very racist in they’re thinking that they’re certain groups of our people who are incapable of following basic rules. I don’t think it’s true. I think the trend lines for all the different races voting have been good in our country for 20 or 30 years. And all these election bills do is try to make it easier to vote, but harder to cheat.”

The Kentucky Republican likened it to the “extortion racket” once employed by Jesse Jackson and challenged Coca-Cola’s objective under these circumstances.

“It’s just an extortion racket that’s been going on for a long time,” he said. “Jesse Jackson would do it years ago. He would protest in front of a big corporation that wasn’t doing anything wrong until they gave money to his organization, then his protest would leave the organization. That’s what they’re doing now. They think they can bully. But some of these corporations like Coca-Cola, I recommend people stay away from them. Because here’s the thing, Coca-Cola is now telling people to apologize for being white, apologize for being arrogant, apologize for all these things, supposedly, that white people are doing, and that’s a very racist sort of philosophy. It’s this woke sort of critical race theory. But it’s now infected a publicly-traded company.”

“And when they start saying things like that, they’re actually going against what their mandate is,” Paul added. “Their mandate is to maximize profit. But they’re – now they’re turning off 40% of the country who don’t really want to be woke up and told that we’re horrible people and don’t believe that there is horrible racism in our country. It’s been getting better generation after generation. And yet, Coca-Cola wants to make us all feel like race is a predominant thing in everyone’s life. And if you’re white, you’re somehow guilty or evil. And that’s a kind of a crazy philosophy for a mainstream company to get. that wants to sell products to all of us. Do they not want any Republicans to buy Coca-Cola products? They’re heading in that direction.”

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