Manchin: Parts of GA Law ‘Atrocious,’ But There Shouldn’t Be Federal Overreach Into Elections and ‘I’m Not Killing the Filibuster’

During an interview with CNN on Thursday, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) stated that he won’t eliminate the filibuster, and while he thinks Georgia has some provisions in their election law that he strongly dislikes and supports certain “guardrails” on elections, “I don’t think there should be an overreaching” by the federal government.

Manchin said, “I’m not killing the filibuster. I’ve been very, very clear. … We should have an open, fair, and secure election. If we have to put guardrails on, we can put guardrails on so people can’t take advantage of people.”

He also stated, “We want fair, open, secured elections. And what — Georgia has done some things which I thought were just atrocious, okay? But [I’ve] also been a secretary of state and I’ve been a governor, and I know the 10th Amendment. I know my rights as far as states’ rights, and I don’t think there should be an overreaching, if you will, federal elections.”

Manchin said one specific problem he has with Georgia’s law is that “they took away the powers of the secretary of state’s office and put it in the hands of…their legislature.”

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