Durbin: ‘We Want to Cancel Racism in America’

In the wake of Daunte Wright’s accidental shooting by a Minnesota police officer, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) called for the purging of racism in America.

Durbin said in an appearance on Tuesday’s CNN “New Day” that gun violence and racial incidents occur on “almost a daily basis,” and he asserted it is time to “cancel racism in America.” Durbin added there would be a “sincere and real effort” to create more oversight for policing in the country.

“We have got to stand by the good policing and make it clear that bad policing is unacceptable,” Durbin emphasized. “And let me add, too, very quickly, there is a racial element here that is very, very real in America. The numbers tell the story. We have got to purge that racism from the administration to justice in America.

He later added, “What we are seeing with Daunte Wright and with George Floyd, with Breonna Taylor, with Laquan McDonald is just a repetition — sadly just a repetition — on almost a daily basis of gun violence and a repetition of racial incidents that are absolutely unacceptable in this country. And … for the other side who say we’re just cancel culture — we want to cancel racism in America. That is the bottom line.”

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