Kentucky AG Cameron: Biden, Dems Trying to ‘Throw Fuel on the Fire’ of Racial Tension

During this week’s broadcast of “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News Channel, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron sounded off on President Joe Biden calling systemic racism a “stain on our nation’s soul.”

His remarks came in the wake of former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict in the killing of George Floyd.

Cameron pushed back against the notion that the United States is “systemically racist.” He added that such rhetoric from Biden and other Democrats would “just throw fuel on the fire” of racial tension.

Bartiromo asked, “Do you believe this country is systemically racist?”

“Well, no, I don’t believe this country is systemically racist,” Cameron replied. “What I believe is that this country has always tried from the very beginning to become a more perfect union. And, certainly, we have had our challenges throughout this nation’s history, and there’s no hiding from that. But when you hear comments like you heard from President Biden and others that throw fuel on the fire, that explode the tensions that we have in this country, that’s not good for hoping to unify this country.”

“[I]n my part, I try to stay away from hyperbolic terms,” he continued. “I try to make sure that I reflect love and — in Christ in my comments and try not to be caustic. So I’m going to continue to do that. I’m going to continue to reach out to folks that have different views from me. Of course, again, as I stated earlier, we have challenges in this country. But the promise of a more perfect union is always one step away, always one step closer. And I think that, together, we can get there if we put aside these hyperbolic terms, if we put aside casting aspersions on one another, and if we hold hands and walk together into our future.”

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