Brzezinski: Texas GOP Pushing ‘Big Lie’ with Election Law — ‘Could Destabilize This Country for Administrations to Come’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Brzezinski reacted to Texas lawmakers passing a new state voting law to shore up election integrity. Florida and Georgia have recently passed and signed into law similar bills.

Brzezinski described the Republicans who are still beholden to former President Donald Trump and his belief that the 2020 presidential election was stolen as “pathetic” and spineless. She added that the “big lie” being pushed by Republicans “could destabilize this country for administrations to come.”

“[Republicans are] propping up Elise Stefanik and, you know, forcing her to move away from her own core values that she expressed publicly years ago when Trump was first running,” Brzezinski stated. “She expressed very strong statements about his statements toward women, the way he treated other countries that he didn’t think were up to par. Elise Stefanik talked about how the president did not represent America’s core values, and now she’s being used as a mouthpiece to this terrible message that Kevin McCarthy once carried by someone who’s capable of carrying it. Trust me — it’s not Liz Cheney because she will not lie to the American people, and she will not prop up a cult leader and his unbelievable lie that could destabilize this country for administrations to come. If you heard Bob Gates on our show yesterday, you’d be very worried about the years to come and Trump’s impact on our democracy.”

“Is there a direct connection between what’s happening in Florida and Texas and what went down in Georgia with these voting laws that could further destabilize our country on the foreign stage?” she asked.

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