Scarborough: If You Don’t Accept 2020 Results, ‘Just Get the Hell Out’ of the Country

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Friday delivered a long-winded rant directed at Republicans for continuing to not accept the 2020 presidential election results.

After noting Republicans take exception to people disrespecting the American flag by kneeling for the anthem but not what the flag stands for itself, a screaming Scarborough urged those who still think the election was rigged to “just get the hell out.”

“If you believe that, I will say to you what many of you said in the 1960s: America, love it or leave it,” Scarborough exclaimed. “If you don’t have respect in American democracy anymore if you don’t respect Madisonian checks and balances if your guy doesn’t win, if that’s the new rules of engagement for this great republic, then just leave our country because you’re unworthy of it.”

“There are millions of immigrants who will come here and raise their right hand and buy into the creed and believe that we are exceptional, that believe American democracy is the greatest government on the face of the Earth,” he continued. “And they will do it proudly. They will salute the flag proudly. And most importantly, they will fight for what that flag represents while you shame yourself. While you disgrace yourself. While you disgrace our country in the eyes of the world. Yes, this is all on you. Get the facts! Live in the light! Follow the truth! And love this country! And stop this! Or leave. Or leave. If you’re going to believe a reality TV show host’s lies about the American republic, his desecration of American exceptionalism, then just get the hell out. We don’t want you here. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

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