Brad Paisley: ‘Hollywood Elite’ Original Anti-Vaxers — ‘Patriotic Thing’ to Get Vaccinated

Country music singer and songwriter Brad Paisley said Friday on MSNBC “Deadline” said he was reaching out to his fans to get vaccinated for coronavirus because calling it a “patriotic thing.”

Paisley said, “I feel like knowing my people where I come from, I’m from West Virginia, similar to where you are from, a small town of 1200 people, this is the kind of community where immediately if a house is on fire before the fire department can get there, there are a lot of people with buckets trying to put the fire out already. They band together and do what it takes to help their neighbor. So I think that they have been — all my fans have been fed —they are seeing disinformation everywhere, and they are being told that the water doesn’t put the fire out. So it is a really strange thing to try to be louder than that disinformation. I think that when they feel like — when they realize that it is the patriotic thing when they realize that this is for the greater good, they will do it.”

He added, “It is an interesting thing when you look at what happens and how this became what it is. I think back to the original Anti-vaccine movement. Which sort of started — I think, I see it —I could be wrong, but I see it as almost starting with the Hollywood elite that didn’t want their kids vaccinated because of a bunked report. I think that there is a level of reaching these folks that you have to say look, the way to be the most productive citizen, the way to be the person in a helps, is to get this. The patriotic thing is when you raise your arm and say America, get a shot in it. That is the way that you are the most patriotic.”

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