Rogin: Biden Admin. Conducting ‘Kabuki Investigation’ into COVID Origins

On Monday’s broadcast of “Breaking Points,” author, Washington Post columnist, and CNN Political Analyst Josh Rogin criticized the “kabuki investigation” by the Biden administration into the origins of COVID-19 and wondered why the Biden administration is imposing an artificial 90-day deadline on the intelligence community probe into the virus’ origin.

Rogin said, “[I]f you look at what the Biden administration is doing, it’s sort of like this kabuki investigation, where they have this 90-day intelligence community sprint, right? And I said to them, why are you sprinting? What’s the sprint about? Why can’t — just walk, just take your time. You don’t have to finish it in 90 days. We have to figure out what happened to start this pandemic so we know how to prevent the next pandemic.”

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