Behar: Teens Should Be Allowed to Get Vaccinated Without ‘Ignorant Parents’ Consent

Joy Behar told her co-hosts Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that teenagers who want the COVID-19 vaccine should be able to get it without their parents’ consent.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said, “Joy, should teens take matters into their own hands if they feel they should get vaccinated in school?”

Behar said, “We like to think we’re smarter than our kids, but a lot of times, the kids are smarter than their parents. I’ve experienced my daughter having more sense than I had at various times in my life. I would give them more credit. These kids are watching a roomful of people at that CPAC convention applauding the fact that Biden is not going to reach his vaccination goal. They’re applauding the freedom to get sick and die. They’re watching their parents behave really stupidly. In my opinion, I think that these kids should be allowed to make their own decisions frankly. A lot of times with the kids — I don’t want to bring abortion into this, but sometimes you have young girls who are afraid to tell their parents they’re pregnant because some uncle has molested them or some horrible thing has happened to them, and they can’t get permission to get an abortion. I think sometimes kids should have the ability to do what the science is telling them to do.”

She added, “These kids are at the mercy of these ignorant parents, in my opinion. And yes, they should be allowed to do it.”

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