Waltz: ‘We Are on the Cusp of Facing the Largest Mass Hostage Situation in American History’

Thursday on Newsmax TV’s “Wake Up America,” Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) reacted to President Joe Biden caving to the Taliban by not extending the August 31 evacuation date in Afghanistan.

Waltz warned that if the United States cannot withdraw everyone out of Afghanistan, the Taliban will leverage what would become “the largest mass hostage situation in American history” to get whatever they want from the United States.

“What’s happening on the ground is … outrageous. I and others were up all night, along with my team, trying to help American citizens get through Taliban and American lines, and they were turned away,” Waltz said. “These are U.S. passport holders and their families that aren’t getting through.”

“Yet, we see these press briefings where everything’s going fine, and we’re going to be mission accomplished, and we’re going to get out of here by August 31. It’s a bunch of garbage,” he added. “We are on the cusp of facing the largest mass hostage situation in American history. This is going to make 1979 in Tehran look like a sleepover because anything the Taliban wants going forward — money, recognition, support all they have to do is go down the street and grab an American that was left behind by Joe Biden.”

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