Mayorkas on Recent Natural Disasters: ‘This Is the Effect of Climate Change’

During a Tuesday interview on “CBS Evening News,” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas reacted to Hurricane Ida, which took the lives of 63 nationwide.

The Category 4 hurricane left hundreds of thousands in New Orleans, LA, without power and resulted in historic flooding in the northeast part of the country.

CBS’s Norah O’Donnell asked Mayorkas how his department, which she noted is in charge of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is dealing with natural disasters.

“The Department of Homeland security, also in charge of FEMA, another big job. How is the agency dealing now with these natural disasters that are present for so many people?” she questioned.

“The key is prevention, know one’s evacuation plans, have the supplies, as well as resilience,” Mayorkas replied. “How are we equipping and empowering communities to be resilient when a natural disaster strikes?”

He added, “This is the effect of climate change that we’re seeing.”

Last month, Mayorkas blamed “climate change” and “extreme weather events” for the large number of migrants crossing the United States’ southern border.

“The impact of climate change, extreme weather events, the reason people are fleeing their homes is quite significant,” he told CNN. “And that is what we are seeing.”

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