Warner: My GOP Colleagues Would Be ‘Very Happy to See Donald Trump Fade Away’

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that he was told in private by his Republican colleagues that they “would be very happy to see Donald Trump fade away.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “It’s progress that everyone says it out loud, that the FBI director testified that yes its white supremacists aligned with domestic terrorists is the gravest threat, but you have one of the two governing parties that won’t even call it an insurrection. What can you say to reassure the public that Congress is working to protect us from their own supporters?”

Warner said, “I’m disappointed there’s not a bipartisan committee that looks into the origins of January 6th beyond just the incident itself, but whether by social media or misinformation. My concern is that some of this is being propagated and expanded by our enemies like Russia.”

He continued, “I actually take a little bit of solace out of the fact of Gavin Newsom’s overwhelming victory. Yes, it was California, but the polls were very different a few weeks ago when he made the appeal to Californians of all political stripes. We don’t want a return of Trumpism, or they didn’t want a return of Trumpism. That was with a resounding no even at a margin greater than he was elected. So does the Trump hold over some of my colleagues scare the heck out of me? Absolutely. I think we just need to keep moving forward.”

Warner added, “I hope as we saw in California, I hope is as we see, selfishly, in Virginia in a few weeks when we have our gubernatorial election that will be again a mandate on Trumpism. I can tell you on a private basis so many of my Republican friends, I think, would be very happy to see Donald Trump fade away. Time will be one of the components of that happening.”

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