Lieberman: U.S. Headed Toward Another ‘Cold War’

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), the 2000 Democratic Party vice presidential nominee, during the Friday Fox Business Network broadcast of “Mornings with Maria,” warned that the United States is headed toward another “Cold War.”

Lieberman, who was responding to the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to take over the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, called on the United States to “remain strong” militarily and economically to combat the Asian superpower’s increasing provocation.

“I believe strongly Biden administration’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan is going to be seen in history … as one of the biggest foreign policy mistakes, in a long time for America,” Lieberman proclaimed.

“I mean the reality is that all of this is our response to Chinese provocations — the building of the bases in the South China Sea, the menacing actions toward Taiwan, and indeed, the gross repression of human rights in China, which always sends an alarm up should be in the minds and hearts of the American people,” he added. “So, the Chinese have invited the reaction that they are getting now, and, you know, it really looks like headed toward another Cold War. And it is up to them, I think, whether we avoid that. I hope we can, but if not, the only answer to their increasing provocation is for us to remain strong and have big alliances in that area militarily but also economically through trade pacts.”

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