George Will: ‘Quarantine’ Republicans ‘Addicted to Furiousness’

MSNBC political commentator and author George Will said Wednesday on “The Beat” that the Republican base needed to be quarantined because they were “addicted to furiousness.”

Melber said, “What has happened to this moderate Republican Party?”

Will said, “Well, it’s one thing to be for limited government. It’s one thing to be as the founders were, for a government of limited delegated and enumerated powers. This, however, is beyond politics. This is clinical psychology we have to consult.”

He continued, “Something that’s happened to a small group of Americans who define their happiness as the unhappiness of everybody else. They’re addicted to furiousness. I actually think dopamine is released in the brain when they get angry. They’re only happy when unhappy, and I don’t know what you do with them besides quarantine them, try and get on with politics without them because they’re not coming back.”

Will added, “I think some of these people, we have rewired their brains in a way. They are attached in the most unhealthy way to their screens, and it’s beginning to disable their ability to function in society.”

He concluded, “Donald Trump’s favorite locution is saying ‘they’re saying.’ The sense of mystery by having no actual reference in the real world. You can learn a lot from the vocabulary of these people. That is a case study in how paranoid people think, somebody said to me, they’re saying. We’ve heard this for years from Donald Trump, and we’re going to keep hearing it, I’m afraid.”

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