Woodward on Trump: ‘His Actions Were not Just a Problem in the United States — It Was a National Security Emergency’

During a Wednesday appearance on CNN’s “New Day,” journalist Bob Woodward discussed his new book, “Peril,” which is about the transition from President Donald Trump to President Joe Biden.

Host John Berman asked Woodward to explain what he means at the end of the book, in which he concludes that “peril remains.”

Woodward said he and “Peril” co-author Robert Costa both believe Trump is going to run for president again. He warned that Trump’s actions while in office “were not just a problem in the United States” but also “a national security emergency.”

“Well, because Trump is out there, Bob Costa and I think that he’s going to run again,” Woodward replied. “He clearly has support. Some of the polling shows he would beat Biden. Now, Trump out there, we have the democracy, anyone can run for president, but we know what he did for four years. And what he did is not worry enough about the people in the country, worried about his own political standing, his impulses, and as I think the basic theme of our book is, his actions were not just a problem in the United States, it was a national security emergency that we did. Now, we were quite surprised to discover this.”

Costa added, “We started off thinking it was a crisis, and we concluded based on our reporting it’s an emergency. That’s why the peril remains.”

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