TV Producer Shelley Ross: Chris Cuomo Groping Me Was ‘Clearly a Power Trip’ — ‘Arrogant Frat Boy Personality’

Television producer Shelley Ross, who accused CNN anchor Chris Cuomo of groping her years ago, said Monday on SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” that Cuomo was an arrogant frat boy type who was trying to belittle her.

Kelly asked, “So you go into the bar, and Chris Cuomo sees you, and what happens?”

Ross said, “He walked right into the bar, walked right over to me, gave me a bear hug, slipped one hand down my body to my buttock, and squeezed really hard on my cheek while saying, ‘I can do this now to you now that you are no longer my boss.’ I pushed him away.”

Kelly asked, “What goes through your head as this guy has the nerve to squeeze your ass?”

Ross replied, “It was belittling. It was clearly a power trip, to make me feel — you know, you’re no longer my boss, I can do anything I want with you. Something in his head said he couldn’t do that when I was his boss, maybe he thought I would fire him or something, but it was meant to diminish.”

She continued, It was overpowering, and I certainly didn’t like it.”

Ross added, “People knew that he was more of this arrogant frat boy personality.”

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