Commerce Sec. Raimondo: Biden Has Overseen Greatest Economic Resurgence — ‘Greater than Any Other President’

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said Thursday on CNN’s “New Day” that President Joe Biden’s leadership “has overseen the greatest resurgence in an economy,” adding “greater than any other president that we know of.”

Anchor John Berman asked, “We looked at the polling numbers last hour here. The president’s underwater on the economy, which is interesting given that unemployment — the unemployment rate is so low right now, GDP is high. The annual growth rate will be very high right now. You have experience both in the political world and in the world of finance and the economic world. Why the disconnect between what people may be feeling and what the numbers are showing?”

Raimondo said, “Yeah. I would say it’s what you just said. People maybe are not feeling great at the moment because there’s still so much uncertainty, especially as it relates to COVID. I think we’re all sick of it, quite frankly. People have been dealing with masks, tests, and COVID for a long time. It doesn’t feel great.”

She added, “On the flip side, you know, under this president’s leadership, he has overseen the greatest resurgence in an economy in his first year in office, you know, greater than any other president that we know of. So what I believe is we just have to stay at it and continue to create good jobs, continue to unstick the supply chain, continue to get folks vaccinated, and over time the people will start to feel better about that.”

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