GOP Rep. Fitzpatrick on Ukraine: ‘Putin Could Be Creating an Entire Generation of Widows and Orphans’

Tuesday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) discussed his recent visit to the Ukrainian border to assess the Russian invasion.

Fitzpatrick, a former FBI agent, stationed in Ukraine, warned Russian President Vladimir Putin “could be creating an entire generation of widows and orphans” in Ukraine with his invasion.

“Yeah, we were right on the Ukrainian border, and it was absolutely brutal, Steve,” Fitzpatrick emphasized. “You know, we were on the Ukrainian side of the border seeing the Ukrainian men, most of them ages 18 to 60, who were not permitted to leave the country, who had to say goodbye potentially for the final time to their wives and their children. And it’s important to note, Steve, there is between 12 and 15 million Ukrainian men between ages 18 and 60 that are not allowed to leave the country. They don’t want to leave the country. They want to go back and fight. But it’s just one more instance Vladimir Putin could be creating an entire generation of widows and orphans. It’s heartbreaking.”

Fitzpatrick also called for the banning of Russian oil in the United States.

“[E]very dime we send to them is funding Vladimir Putin’s murder machine in Ukraine and that region,” he added.

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