Tuberville on Ending Federal Travel Mask Mandates: ‘We Are Supposed to Be a Free Country’

Wednesday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) weighed in on the GOP’s push to put an end to the federal mask mandate for travel.

Tuberville argued that the United States was “supposed to be a free country” where “we have rights to make decisions on our own.” He lamented that the left continues to impose the mandate because it “wants control.”

“Do you know China has locked down 25 million of their citizens on positive tests, but most are asymptomatic?” host Brian Kilmeade highlighted.

“But they are not a free country, Brian,” Tuberville replied. “We are supposed to be a free country. You know, we have rights here. We have rights to make decisions on our own. And the people in this country should be able to make that decision. This has been two years. Two years, and we’ve got to get over this. We’ve got to understand it. We want to protect everybody, protect each other, but we can’t continue to live life like this.”

He continued, “I mean, people are going to go absolutely crazy and bananas. I know in an airport, wearing these things on planes, I fly the time; I have to wear them, but I see Joe Biden on television. He doesn’t wear his half the time. So, it’s hypocrisy. The left wants control.”

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