Jordan: Seems Like Joe Biden ‘Was Really Involved with This Entire Family Enterprise’

On Monday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) reacted to Hunter Biden’s business partner Eric Schwerin reportedly visiting the White House 19 times when President Joe Biden was serving as vice president.

On FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Jordan said that despite the elder Biden’s denials, it “seems like he was really involved with this entire family enterprise.”

“[T]hink about the pattern here,” Jordan outlined. “First, it was Tony Bobulinksi, another business partner who was an eyewitness before the campaign a year and a half ago, who told us that he met with Joe Biden. So, you have got one business partner meeting with Joe Biden, you’ve got Joe Biden firing the Ukrainian prosecutor who was beginning to look into Burisma, the company Hunter Biden was on the board, and now you have Joe Biden 19 times meeting with another business partner, but he said, ‘Oh, I had nothing to do with it.’ We know that wasn’t true.”

He continued, “We know that when he said his son had nothing to do with companies with interest in China, as I said a week ago, there are 4.8 million reasons why that statement was not accurate. So, as this thing begins to unravel, we learn more and more. And oh, how the story has changed. Remember, a year and a half ago. The laptop wasn’t real. Then it was well, there was a laptop, but it was Russian disinformation. And then it was well, no, it really wasn’t Russian disinformation, but Joe had nothing to do with it. And now it is Joe had something to do with it, but he didn’t do anything wrong. But each fact we keep learning seems like he was really involved with this entire family enterprise.”

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