Dem Sen. Murphy: ‘Racist Ideology and Speech Now Embedded’ in GOP, Fox News Fueling Violence

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) said on this week’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” that “racist ideology” in the Republican Party and Fox News is fueling violence.

Murphy said, “There’s two really frightening phenomenon that happened in this country right now. The first is the normalization of racism, right? You have racist ideology and speech now embedded inside major American institutions, the Republican Party, the former president’s political operation, Fox News. And it is fueling a level of violence that we have never seen before. Seventy-five percent of all extremist attacks in this country are committed by white supremacists.”

He added, “The second worrying phenomenon is the normalization of violence in this nation. We have had a dramatic spike in gun murders, mass shootings over the course of the last few years. And they barely get attention. The Buffalo shooting is getting the nations attention, but there were 19 people injured at a mass unit at the Milwaukee Bucks game and I scanned the major American news sites the next morning and you could barely find any reference to it. So, these two things happening side by side are absolutely frightening to many Americans. We don’t have to sit by and allow this to happen. We can pass laws, we can push back against these racist institutions to try and change the trajectory of violence in this nation.”

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