Dem Rep Escobar: ‘Just Like We Regulate Vehicles and Cigarettes’ and Alcohol, We Should ‘Regulate Guns’ So People ‘Don’t Live in Fear’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight,” Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) argued that “just like” we regulate roads, cars, alcohol, cigarettes, and other things, “it should not be outside the realm of possibility to regulate guns so that parents don’t live in fear” of their children being shot.

Escobar said, “I take issue with folks who say, legislators aren’t doing anything or Congress isn’t doing anything. We need to be precise in our language. Because the only way that we’re going to solve this is to understand where the obstruction to solutions [is]. And there is one party in America that is so tied to the NRA, so addicted to their money and their endorsements that they’re willing to let babies die, and that is the Republican Party. In the House of Representatives, House Democrats, who hold a slim majority, we have passed some pretty commonsense gun violence prevention legislation. Every Republican has stood in the way of — on the Senate side — of advancing that legislation. In our state legislature, we saw Republicans who care more about opening up more avenues to guns than they do in helping ensure that we do some — engage in some commonsense conversations.”

She continued, “Just as we regulate the roadway, just as we regulate how old you are when you can take your first legal drink at a bar, just like we regulate vehicles and cigarettes and other things, it should not be outside the realm of possibility to regulate guns so that parents don’t live in fear that their babies will get slaughtered at a school. So, we’ve got a lot of work to do in making sure that Americans understand where the obstruction lies, and we need to be precise and honest in our language.”

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