Gingrich: Harris ‘the First Product’ of the Woke Education System — Would Be ‘Worst President in American History’

On Tuesday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich weighed in on the prospect of Vice President Kamala Harris as President of the United States.

Gingrich said Harris was “crazy enough to satisfy the left” because she fit “all of the various … personality requirements.” He lamented the vice president was “the first product of the modern teacher’s union woke education system to get to national office” and predicted she would become the “worst president in American history.”

“Look, she is crazy enough to satisfy the left,” Gingrich said of Harris. “She fits all of the various, you know, personality requirements — she is a woman, she’s a woman of color, she comes from our biggest state. The fact is that the easiest way to understand Kamala Harris is she is the first product of the modern teacher’s union woke education system to get to national office. She doesn’t know anything, she doesn’t know how to learn anything, she is inarticulate, and she is not sure what the big words mean anyway. And I think in that sense she is very representative of millions of Americans who have been cheated by a school system which no longer functions and no longer does its job.”

“[I] never take her seriously except that she is vice president and under some terrible circumstances, she could actually be president,” he added. “And that would be horrifying. However bad you think Joe Biden is, Kamala Harris would, in fact, rapidly surpass him and achieve worst president in American history — I think within 30 days. It’s inconceivable, but it could happen.”

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